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This is how the rest of the world might see it (at least CNN post it like this on their website): “Costa Rica suffered World Cup heartbreak as the United States salvaged a last-gasp 2-2 draw in Washington to deny the visitors an automatic place at next year’s finals.”

And as football and our “Sele” (how we refer to our National Football Team) are two of our beautiful country’s biggest passions, we have to, again, step back and think about just what happened, with a cold head…

“Costa Rica had seemed set for a place in the finals after taking a 2-0 lead after only 24 minutes in the American capital, with both goals from Bryan Ruiz.”

And this is usually how it starts… Everybody’s happy and cheering, we think we got it made. I might even be willing to bet my monthly salary that even our players in the field felt it this way. So as we say here “crea fama y hechate a dormir” (create fame and back to sleep)… they stopped fighting and started defending, they settled for the 2 jewels that Mr. Ruiz gave us, cause they were great goals, and instead of trying to increase the count, they started waiting for the game’s end… when the end of the game was more than 65 minutes away!

But now, for once, lets finish this story how it is supposed to be… Let’s hope that our Sele finds the courage to overcome this “minor inconvenient”, and step up against Uruguay to change this “world cup heartbreak” into a new world cup dream turned into reality. On our next two matches lets remember that the game ain’t over till its over, and as US Team did this time, we need to keep fighting till the end of the 95 minutes… even if we are winning, if we are losing… even fight stronger. Lets prove to ourselves that the mediocre will never accomplish much, that with effort and hard work anything can be done! Vamos sele Hotel California is cheering for you, as the rest ouf our nation!