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By Joe Monahan, Front desk – Hotel California

“The Canopy Safari zip line tour of the rainforest is overall a great tour.  Informative bilingual guides give an interesting historical perspective of the Quepos area on the bus ride to the Canopy Safari tour site in Naranjito.  With a few stops on the trip to check out local wildlife and sight-see, the bus ride is about 45minutes.

Once there, the staff is welcoming and organized, getting all the guests prepared for the tour ahead.  A short tour through the butterfly garden precedes the canopy tour.  The butterfly tour seems like it could be interesting to those with a focus on butterflies but is a footnote in the experience of the tour.

The canopy zip lines themselves are extremely entertaining and fast, with plenty of room to try tricks and take in the rainforest during the trip.  Safety is of utmost importance and the staff and guides make the guests feel as safe as possible while aboard the platforms and zip lines.  The tour offers 10 or more zip lines, 2 rappels and a tarzan jump.  Both the rappels and tarzan jump are exciting and far different from the zip lines giving the tour a more rounded extreme experience.

On complaint is that there is far too much focus on the photographers, as they pound into your head to smile and look at the camera which lessens the enjoyment of the tour.  Given a chance to repeat, I would pay zero attention to the photographers as the pictures are fairly silly and I would rather enjoy the tour.  Photographers bark at you if you do not cooperate, which is unnecessary and slightly obnoxious.  However, the guides are friendly and talkative as well as accommodating to all guests experience and willingness levels.  Guides also provide water when needed throughout the tour which was nice after a short hike to begin the trip.

The meal at the end of the tour of the typical variety and is tasty and plentiful.  The return trip takes about 20 minutes as there are no stops, aside from a voluntary stop at a bar if the group decides.

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